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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

3.2 Apolloboot Solo Problem

Adam Bell

Posts 3
19 May 2022 21:22


I've been happily running OS3.9 on my Vampire V4+ for a little while now having installed it with Apolloboot Solo.

I fancied giving 3.2 a go and just received my CD. However when I try to boot the image through FS-UAE prepared with Apolloboot it fails to boot.  It simply sits there with a grey screen with the Workbench bar visible at the top. I've switched to the A4000 ROM as required but I can't get booted into Workbench.

I can't offer up more information other than I put the OS files directly in the SD0/AOS32 folder along with the update lha file before running Apolloboot that completes without error, but I just haven't been able to boot it in FS-UAE.

I have not tried flashing it to a CF card, as I was hoping to do some more prep before putting it in my Vampire.

Has anyone else experienced this that can offer a thought?


Adam Bell

Posts 3
23 May 2022 11:08

Finally managed to spend more time with this and look for more info.

I added a bunch of echo's to the startup-sequence and ensured endcli was not called and I got a hint.

Everything seems to run fine up until LoadWB that writes an error to the command prompt:

"invalid resident library"

Not amazingly useful but maybe someone has seen that before?


Robo Kupka

Posts 50
23 May 2022 11:26

3.2 does not have workbench.library in ROM, but on a disk, co it needs to be installed in libs:
Did you do clean install of OS 3.2 from install disks ? Do you have kick 3.2 flashed in your Vampire, or softkicked in RAM ?

Adam Bell

Posts 3
23 May 2022 20:32

Thanks. So far I haven't tested this installation on the Vampire, this has all been purely through FS-UAE.

That said though It did give me some clues of things to try and I have it booting in FS-UAE now. It appears that I was pointing to an old ROM and needed to repoint FS-UAE to the ROM provided on the 3.2CD.  In addition I had to ensure it was running as an Amiga 1200.

Those two changes fixed it for me. I'm going to do some more configuring and then I'm intrigued to see if it works in my Vampire.

Thanks for your help

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