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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin


Martin Ketter

Posts 70
11 Apr 2022 20:33

How can I make a backup of my CF-Card on which WB 3.1 is installed?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 517
11 Apr 2022 20:51

If it was Linux or MacOS it's just a matter of using the diskdruid command. Windows I think you will need to use some disk imager software
  insert cf, run dmesg and get the device name of the CF that shows in the log
  dd if=/dev/sdc of=cf_backup.img
  MacOS will be something like:
  sudo diskutil list
  Find the CF device name It's typically /dev/disk1 or some number...
  Windows, not sure don't touch the thing, def not built into the OS like it is on a proper POSIX system...

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
11 Apr 2022 21:48

Windows will require something like SDImager to create a backup image of the CF to a file on the hard disk. There are several different programs which can do this. I don't have a good recommendation because it's not something I do very often.

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