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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Installing WB 3.1 On 128GB CF-Card

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
17 Mar 2022 01:37

How Can I install WB 3.1 on my 128 GB CF-Card that was delivered within my Apollo V4?

I am using Winuae to do that but WB 3.1 does not recognize this CF card.

I'm trying to install WB 3.1 for my Apollo V4 without Apollo OS and balenaEtcher

Bastian Zühlke

Posts 18
17 Mar 2022 06:55

Hi Martin,

here a post which explains the required steps.

You need WinUAE, CF-Card, CF-Card-Reader/Write and a Windows computer.

No balenaEtcher required.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
17 Mar 2022 08:22

Also remember to run UAE as administrator, not doing this caused me hours of issues with it not seeing the CF Card.

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
18 Mar 2022 04:35

That DOES NOT work! I'm running Winuae as admin. I think it's because of the large CF card. In this tutorial there is a 4GB CF-Card in use.

Bastian Zühlke

Posts 18
18 Mar 2022 08:53

Yes Amiga OS 3.1 can not handle >4GB.
Here an article which describes how to overcome it:

I personally have never tried it.

posts 5