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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Best Distro for V1200

Nick Fellows

Posts 155
21 Oct 2021 12:24

Hi V1200 V2 owner here .

I got WB 3.2 roms.

Needing to know whats the best distro to use
and if there is a guide to setting it up?

Wanting a clean , not too cluttered desktop
and logically laid out filesystem

Links / Info appreciated


Michael MiB

Posts 53
21 Oct 2021 16:11

AmigaOS 3.2 with BestClassicWB : EXTERNAL LINK 
My setup (with some customizations), really love it with my V4+

Maurizio Tirone

Posts 54
22 Oct 2021 12:43

I have personally become an addicted coffin, but I believe 3.2 is the best choice!

Nick Fellows

Posts 155
22 Oct 2021 12:49

I if i wanted to stick with 3.2 how do i get all the vampire centric extras installed ?

Michael MiB

Posts 53
22 Oct 2021 13:19

Install with VBL Solo

Maurizio Tirone

Posts 54
22 Oct 2021 13:26

nick fellows wrote:

I if i wanted to stick with 3.2 how do i get all the vampire centric extras installed ?

well at this point I would advise you to stay on Coffin customizing it as much as possible (eliminating everything you don't need), so you can live happy and carefree.

Marco Bruines

Posts 31
22 Oct 2021 13:49

Its a matter of preparing an CF or SD card with WinUAE (there are good tutorials how to make partitions).

What i did :

Installing OS 3.2 on the CF just partitioned with winuae.
Then install P96 and use winaue as displaycard.

From this point on i copy al my needed files to the CF. so i copy all my whdload games and demo's, needed archive's for installation etc.

Then installing the SAGA drivers, just folowing the onscreen instructions.

After this you have copy the a1200 kickstart rom to the CF and change the startup-sequence to load it (vampiremap <kickstartfile>)
The procedure is in the wiki : https://wiki.apollo-accelerators.com/doku.php/system_tools:kickstarts).

When this is done the CF is ready.

At this moment you get the message on a cold start that the volume ENV:  should be inserted in any drive. Just press cancel and the system continu to boot. After this it should run flawless!

Nick Fellows

Posts 155
22 Oct 2021 15:10

Thanks ill let you know how i get on at some point.

posts 8