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How Do I Partition Unused Space On 128Gb CF?

Ben W

Posts 30
29 Aug 2021 06:21

Hi All,
I'm a proud new owner of the V4 SA.
I received a 128Gb CF card with my purchase.
Can someone please offer a step by step guide on how to create a single partition and format 101Gbs of remaining unused space on the CF card, using Apollo AROS?

Michael MiB

Posts 53
29 Aug 2021 08:27

Use the script in Stuff:Expert/Prepare...

Ben W

Posts 30
30 Aug 2021 10:12

Thanks Michael. 
I found the script and have started the process. 
A very simple solution.

I tried using HDToolbox yesterday but managed to cripple the boot process of the OS.
It's been a while since I have played with HDToolbox, so your directions saved me a lot of time and headaches.

Michael MiB

Posts 53
30 Aug 2021 10:58

My personal note :

ApolloOS Partition


Création de la partition 3 :
Add Entry
Select empty space
Create Table : RDB
Select Partition 3

Création file system :
Double click partition 3
Add Entry
Select empty space
Rename : DH2

Switches :

DosEnvec :
Mask : 2147483646
MaxTransfer : 130560
Blocksize : 512
Buffers : 600

Partition type :
Change type
Custom File System PDS\03

Automount : Yes

Parent :
save changes


Formatage :
pfsformat Device DH2: Name Data QUICK NOICONS FNSIZE 107

Ben W

Posts 30
30 Aug 2021 22:48

Brilliant, Michael. This is exactly what I was after.  Thank you.

By the way, I ran the script last night at 7pm to prepare the remaining space on the CF card.  After 12 hours it is still initializing.
I feel something is wrong. 
How long should it take to format a 128Gb CF on a V4?

Ben W

Posts 30
30 Aug 2021 23:36

Decided to start again.
Created the new partition through HDToolbox but whenever I select RDB or try to format the new partition the system freezes.  Something feels off. 
Corrupt CF maybe?

Tim Noyce

Posts 140
31 Aug 2021 00:04

YOu don't need RDB.. The entire partition table is RDB as it stands.

Which version of ApolloOS are you using? Some versions had a misbehaving script..

Also, are you certain you have a 128Gb CF? The script assumes you do..

Ben W

Posts 30
31 Aug 2021 00:18

Hey Tim,
Good to know.  I am currently using ApolloOS R7. 
The CF is a 128Gb Kingston CF supplied by the Apollo team, but I did copy the ApolloOS to it before running the script, so remaining space on the CF was approximately 101Gb.

Ben W

Posts 30
31 Aug 2021 11:56

I have run into trouble. Nothing tried today worked and now HDToolbox does not show the empty unused space on the CF card anymore.
Formated the CF card in Windows 10 with FAT32 and reinstalled the ApolloOS image several times, but I keep running into the same problem.

Tim Noyce

Posts 140
31 Aug 2021 21:37

The script should run fixHDDSize, mount the new partition (DH3:) then attempt to format it using PFSFormat.

You can run fixHDDsize manually if you wish to try creating the new partition through HDToolbox. Fixhddsize is in the STUFF:Tools folder I believe.

If you don't run fixhddsize, you won't see the empty space in HDDToolbox, since the drive parameters are based on the flashed image, not the total size of the CF.

Note that it's a bit of a process creating the partition manually, as you have to specify the size,change the device name, change the file system to PFS3 (Custom in the list), enter the correct maxtransfer and mask values, restart the V4. You should see a NDOS icon for DH3: (if that's what you called the new partition). You then have to run PFSFormat from the CLI:
PFSFormat device dh3: Name Personal (or whatever) noicons quick FNSIZE 107 and hit <enter>

Should think for a few seconds, then drop back to the CLI prompt if things work correctly.

Ben W

Posts 30
01 Sep 2021 05:48

Thanks Tim,
  This fixed my problem.  I prefer to manually setup partitions and format disks.  This is the only way to fully understand the DOS system.

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