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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

How to Edit Coffin Start Bar/menu?

Björn 1200

Posts 19
03 Jun 2021 10:21

Hello appreciated Amiga fellows.
    Anyone here, who can give me advice how to edit the program bar positioned in the middle of the lower edge of coffin(R58) screen?
    I would like to add some more progs beside of IBrowse, AmiFTP, etc.
    I searched and tried already a lot but couldn`t find or make out(for e.g. in Prefs) anything.
    Best thanks in advance.
  EDIT: Oh, I forgot something: Nearly same question with the nice calendar+time widget positioned on the top right on coffin wb screen seen on some coffin posts in web. In my Coffin R58 it is not activated and I couldn`t find it. Where can I get it/activate it? THX :-)
    BTW - I am so proud to say, I wrote this topic via IBrowse/Roadshow on my A1200+V1200+Ethernet-Modul. Back in the 90s I never would have believed, that such would be possible any time. I don`t care what anybody out there trolls about the Vampires. For me my V1200 is the top of the tops for classic A1200 and it works rockstable, IMHO has better compatibility to even more programs than my Blizzard1230-IV which already was top for its time of course.
    So big hugs to Majsta and all you nice ApolloTeam members. Keep on that top improvement working. Now enough slime juiced here :-) Just wanted to share my current feelings, sitting here listening to MP3 webradio streams via AmigaAmp and writing to you.
    Have all a nice day.
    Regards, Björn

Amiga User

Posts 102
03 Jun 2021 13:53

I think you are talking about "AmiStart" ?

AmiStart doesn't have an editor in prefs, to add an application just drag its icon and save.
If you right click Mouse on the dragged icon, through the menu you can edit icon image, backgrounds and more.

Regarding the calendar, the app you are looking for should be "Limpid Clock", look for it in the system, check if it is found im WBStartup "Disable".

Björn 1200

Posts 19
03 Jun 2021 14:20

Amiga User - You made it! :-)
Could be so easy and I didn't realize. Coffin is quite new to me.
Well, now I understand Amistart and LimpidClock works fine.
Great thanks to you !!

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