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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Coffin R58 and 64gb CF

Alessandro Braccini

Posts 7
15 May 2021 10:27

I would like to write coffin to 64 gb CF in order to create additional partitions and collect back all my data from my previous 32CF (with os 3.1.4, my data and software)

any suggestion how can I proceed ?

I have tried writing .img (with linux to 64 CF) but at the end resulted in 32GB partitioned CF
(rewriting the full geometry with HDToolBox to have 64gb back will probably reset all data)

Had in mind to partition 64GB CF with OS4.1 and then copy all data from all partitions, but there is no way to ready .img data from OS4.1 one PFS partitions created with coffin img

any help is welcome,

thank you

Uber Freak

Posts 22
15 May 2021 19:33

I wrote the 32GB image to an 80GB Hard-Disk (with Linux) and then created extra partitions with HDToolbox.
You shouldn't have a problem doing the same with a CF card.

Alessandro Braccini

Posts 7
15 May 2021 19:46

what software did you use?

for info


Posts 35
15 May 2021 20:57


Look over here, everything is well explained


Michael Piano

Posts 39
19 May 2021 17:30

Would an SSD be a better choice than a CF card? I know there are interface speed limits but wouldn't the hard drive be more stable and easier to use?

How would it connect to the V4SA?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
19 May 2021 17:42

CF card is essentially electrically the same as IDE, and a SSD would require layer of translation circuitry to go from IDE to SATA or M.2... etc.

CF in most cases is a better solution.

Michael Piano

Posts 39
19 May 2021 18:49

That makes sense. Thanks.

Michael Piano

Posts 39
25 May 2021 16:18

I know you can create different partitions so you can keep your OS and games and/or data safe when having to reinstall/update an OS. So, as a wish list item, I think having access to a second CF card for data would be cool to have. That way we don't have to remove the data card so often.

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