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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

New Small Tools to Make Life Easier

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
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08 Mar 2021 19:19

A WHDLoad frontend
EXTERNAL LINK  WHDLoadMenu is a frontend for WHDLoad. It displays a list of WHDLoadable
applications in the given directory and allows them to be started by clicking
on the name of the application using the mouse or by selecting the application
name using the keyboard or a joystick. WHDLoadMenu is intended to be
conditionally started on system startup. WHDLoadMenu requires WHDLoad
(http://www.whdload.de/whdload/WHDLoad_usr.lha) to start the applications.


GoShell.lha tool for open Shell in full screen
EXTERNAL LINK  GoShell is free and easy tool to open Shell terminal in fullscreen
on separate screen. You can choose any screen mode, set the colors
and fonts, change the terminal window settings, and more.  GoShell
also has several predefined  color sets, e.g.  classic  OS 3.x  or
OS 1.3, dark, green, orange etc.

Main features of GoShell:

    - Customizable screen, font and colors
    - A set of predefined color sets
    - Support for KingCON and ViNCEd (e.g. filename-completion
    with TAB )
    - Hiding the mouse pointer in full screen mode
    - Switching screens GoShell and others and quick access
    to the console with [Amiga]+m
    - Exit the console with [Ctrl] + \


Create your own backdrop patterns on WB
EXTERNAL LINK  I have started this program for private use to create my own backdrops
for my Workbench.
It is at an early stage, this means that you can only draw point to
point for now, sorry!

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