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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Coffin Questions

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 41
19 Nov 2020 19:12

Started today emulate in UAE Coffin R56 in an attempt to familiarize myself with it till the arrival of my V1200. I need some help with following cause i cant find the settings in this setup.
    1) Dock customization
    2) Cant find in Prefs the WBStartup prefs

Amiga User

Posts 63
20 Nov 2020 04:54

In Coffin r55 WBStartup prefs can be found in SYS:Prefs/Old
      To work you have to create the Enabled folder in WBStartup Directory and move the applications there.
      About Dock, this is the AmiStart application, to customize you have to right-click Mouse where you will find all the entries for editing, AmiStart is not easy to configure.
  In this video of mine you can see some settings of AmiStart and other Dock for OS3.


Nikos Pagonis

Posts 41
20 Nov 2020 07:43

Thanks a lot Amiga User, that helped a lot!!

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