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Vampire V4Bootloader - Clean AmigaOS 3.1.x Install

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 103
26 Jul 2020 12:48

Hello Vampires,

For (new) V4 owners that want to do a "Clean" AmigaOS 3.1.x install,
I have made a simple V4Bootloader based on my experiences;

- 15 Minute realtime Video-guide
- 4 Page Step-by-step PDF-guide
- V4Bootloader.adf (helper scripts & files)

Note: you need to provide AmigaOS 3.1 and/or 3.1.4 yourselves

All constructive feedback is welcome.

Edgar Fink

Posts 44
27 Jul 2020 09:52

I watched your video and I would like to compliment you on your effort. Succinct and easy to follow. Good job.

This will probably help a lot of new owners of V4s.

Eric Gus

Posts 457
28 Jul 2020 20:01

Yes great video .. thanks .. lots of details about setting up Amigas I had forgotten..

Would be nice if you could add alternates for Roadshow, eg Miami etc..

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 103
29 Jul 2020 09:56

I assumed that Roadshow was/is the most robust and fastest solution, but I don't have experience with Miami TCP/IP stack and will check it out!

Do you know differences between Miami and Roadshow (besides Roadshow being commercial product)?

And which one would you prefer and why?

Eric Gus

Posts 457
29 Jul 2020 19:05

Well miamidx is free .. and for folks like me who dont plan on doing heavy duty networking stuff (but say maybe light ftp/smb to move files to/from the vampire, not browsing the web on my Amiga ) it is more than acceptable, though I do have to say iBrowse worked fine on my V2 500 with MiamiDX.. Roadshow is an active commercial product and requires a paid license to use .. sure its actively supported/potentially faster but that's not always a good reason when existing (and free) solutions may be sufficient.
    I had MiamiDX working on my vampire v2 500 but I am not sure how one would configure it for the V4SA (I presume its the same basic steps but the device referenced is different)..
    Anyway its always good to have alternatives..

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 103
30 Jul 2020 16:55

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the elaborate reply. I will checkout MiamiDX, I see no reason it should not work on V4.

Personally I don't mind spending 25 euro to a company that is actively developing software for AmigaOS as this will be the only sustainable model. Nothing is for free except air ;-).

I am currently comparing all kinds of V4 network setups for stability and performance and hope to "publish" my results in a few weeks.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 490
30 Jul 2020 17:51

I'm curious myself, I thought roadshow seemed noticeable faster than MiamiDX, but wasn't sure if that was consumer bias as I did drop some money on it.

Maurice DOERR

Posts 8
16 Nov 2020 13:59

hello. link dont work...

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 103
16 Nov 2020 17:49

Hi Maurice,

V4Bootloader has progressed to Release V2.3.


posts 9