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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Coffin OS R56 - (30/04/2020)page  1 2 3 4 

Ray Couzens

Posts 65
28 May 2020 09:44

Hi Vojin,

Thanks for your very helpful information!

I will have to wait until I get my V4 and try the available options. It should be relatively easy to setup different memory cards with the versions I want to try out.

I will definitely have AROS because I think this is a very good option and well worth supporting.  I like that it is free, of course, but also that it is actively being developed.  This is real spirit!  It may not at the moment be as efficient as it could be, but with Apollo team working on it, then it can only get better.

ApolloOS, I guess this is CoffinOS: This seems to be a very good option, especially if it is 'currently' faster than AROS.

I can see the benefit of having OS3.1.4, especially coming from an Amiga1200 with OS3.1.  It doesn't come with all the features of the other's but is probably very fast.  However, with Aminet, as you say, maybe would get the best of both worlds.

They all have their pros and cons, so it really is a matter of trying them out and seeing which suits me the best.

To think, 33 years ago with great excitement, I bought my first Amiga, the A500. Now, all these years later, I am going to be buying, with great excitement, another, new Amiga machine! 

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
28 May 2020 16:06

sean sk wrote:

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

    but introduces sometimes new incompatibilities.

    What incompatibilities are these Vojin? I've been using OS 3.1.4 for a year and a half now and I haven't come across any.

  Since I dont use AmigaOS 3.1.4 I can rely only on info other users have posted. Sometimes old software does not work right or outright.
  Some are noticable on long Amiga.org thread
  Some is with new icons
  Some seems to be related to BetterWB
  Its not a major thing, I am sure that via updates it can be solved.
  And is nothing that strange in Amiga land.

As far more interesting reading, OS 3.2 and beyond EAB link

Sean Sk

Posts 367
29 May 2020 01:15

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

Since I dont use AmigaOS 3.1.4 I can rely only on info other users have posted. Sometimes old software does not work right or outright.

Absolute nonsense. I have followed those threads and there is nothing in them to suggest any sort of game breaking incompatibilities with old software, other than reporting of some bugs, an issue that can happen with any Amiga OS development.

In regards to the thread related to icons: I have run Scalos on OS 3.1.4 with those icons with no problems, but I had to install it manually. CWB installer script and software hasn't been updated in years and is dead as far as I'm concerned. I created my own CWB from scratch to mirror the features of the original, but with using BestWB and updated programs instead, and not a single issue.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
29 May 2020 02:04

OK, I am glad its all sorted out. I never said that there are "game braking incompatibilities" and I am sorry if mentioning incompatibilities sounded harsh - it looked liked that by reports.

What can we know of expected OS 3.2 features?

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 144
02 Jun 2020 19:35

Love when guys go like "just do this and that" its so easy,you know the amount of work is needed to do this ?.

If you think this is such a good idea why don't you do it yourself and make your own clean and pure OS?.

I love coffin just like it is a collection of abandonware, and don't think that most folks give fuck about all this dead company's vintage software.

Folks that like to talk about legal and illegal stuff just create a forum called 'arm chair lawyers society' and go there to loose your own time. Stop bothering other people that don't care.

Michal Pietal wrote:

  Why quarrel any yell, quoting numerous mis-readings out there on Amiga forums?
  Let us make Coffin 100% legal!
  If the Coffin Curators tailor the OS technical-wise, they also ought to do this kind of clean-up.  Only what needs be done is:
  - Coffin software list (a txt file)
  - excluding all freeware software (putting justification to the text as one-two rows each)
  - excluding all shareware software which work as non-cracked binary
  - wipe all cracked shareware and/or replace with non-cracked version
  - the remaining ones (not sure how many would remain out): search > contact > permission to free OR license
  Having all costs (if any would ultimately exist) would top up to the price of "Coffin KeySet Legalizing pack".
  Apollo Team (or Coffin Curators) can sell these keys with some overhead contributing Coffin and/or AROS Vision.
  And lastly,
  - making Coffin require OS3.9 iso to install (exactly what Jan Zahurancik is doing with his AmiKit).
  Ultimately, we would have all situation 100% clear.
  I paid for my last V4SA (which is gone now) ca. 600 EUR yet in October, added price tag ca. 35 EUR for a single stupid 32 GB CF card, I really am eager to pay EUR 10 - EUR 50 for making Coffin legal, proud and great!!!
  Let us not behave like this thrash Linux community back then 20 years ago, that were spending $ 2000 on a desktop but couldn't pay EUR 1 for a piece of software...
  One more.  There's no such thing as "abandonware", its a "fact statement", not by any means a "legal statement".  Legally, all software is copyrighted per se, unless
  - the author(s) releases it in the public domain
  - the author(s) dies and 70 years passes (most EU / Polish copyright)
  There's NO other actual event that might cause a copyrighted works stops being such.  Neither Coronavirus, not shutting down yet another company or e-commerce software store...

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