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Questions and Answers for Coffin AMIGA OS

Icons In Coffin OS

Adam Whittaker

Posts 261
07 Oct 2019 16:02

is there anyway to go back to the earlier icon set from the previous coffin releases? I am not a big fan of the current ones.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1337
07 Oct 2019 19:43

Hmmm ...

Finding old Coffin image and copying them?

Adam Whittaker

Posts 261
08 Oct 2019 01:22

i have tried cant find old coffin :(


Posts 13
08 Oct 2019 07:26



Adam Whittaker

Posts 261
08 Oct 2019 12:30

wow your amazing - i spent ages looking for that today!!! on the upside i did find a torrent of 3.4.1 adfs!

Adam Whittaker

Posts 261
09 Oct 2019 19:38

ok so thanks for the effort but i am affraid that version has the same icons as the current version.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1337
09 Oct 2019 19:54

TuKKo should be team icon designer, try team IRC.
Torrent search gives 0 results, try Vampire Facebook group,
we used to share some fixed old torrents magnet (direct) links a year back or so :)

posts 7