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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Vlab Motion, Tocatta With Vampire

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 47
09 Sep 2019 05:34

Ok Vlab Motion users :) if there is somebody still using them.

Once I have my Toaster4000 running 100% now is time to install my Vlab Motion and see how it works.

Installed a second SDCard on my Vampire, 8Gb size and just created one partition dedicated for video capture and editing.

Movieshop 4.8 can see the partition, I can assign it but, I have a few errors. PFile open failed and v/dracomotion.library error too.

This is not related with Vampire. It is just finding a way to make this board to work.

So, questions....... has anybody a SDCard working with Vlab Motions ?
Maybe do I need a SCSI hard drive because they are spinning the whole time ?

My Personal Animation Recorder needs a real hard drive or MicroDrive. It doesnt work with SD or Compact flash cards.
This is why I am asking about a real hard drive.

Any suggestions ??

thanks, as always :)


Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 22
09 Sep 2019 07:35

I dont have the vlab motion (im looking for a toccatta but no luck so far). Anyways i recall having read that vlab motion software doesnt like partitions over 4gb. The guy had 3.5gb for vídeo and 0.5gb for audio. Later I can search it, now i'm going bed.


Martin Soerensen

Posts 232
09 Sep 2019 09:06

I don't see why it would need a mechanical harddrive. It is not going to be able to tell the difference (unless low latency is a problem, but that would be really weird).

It is more likely to be the larger capacity that matters.

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 47
10 Sep 2019 19:43

I will try using a 1gb card...... I will update you later.

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1916/ 1
10 Sep 2019 21:44

Extensive Google search returns to this forum ...

None is promise of Vampire 4000, but seems similar A4000 users exist. 

Johannes Schäfer

Posts 46

13 Sep 2016 20:23

Thanks for replying that you are interested in using your Toccata with Vampire.
As I own a VLAb Motion more CPU Power would be nice for Non-Linear Digital Video editing.
Anyone more?

Nadyr Nick

Posts 31

13 Sep 2016 20:27

Przemyslaw Tkaczyk wrote:

Johannes Schäfer wrote:

    But A3000 and A4000 are rare machines. Most of them are fully upgraded with 68060, RAM, SCSI, Graphic card, network card and so on. This is history. But at the time you add an Arria 10 Vampire, you dont need this. Would you really use an A4000 as power adaptor for an Vampire 4000?
    So here is the question: What special thing from your A4000 or A3000 do you need after you upgraded your Amiga with an Vampire?

  First of all - not ALL A3000/A4000s are equipped with 060s. And even if they were - isn't the point of Vampire to bring ultrafast 68K core with a plenty of speedy RAM on board?
  Second of all, if I could ditch my CyberVision 64/3D for a modern DIGITAL-VIDEO display, I would - as it doesn't hold today's standards (S3 Virge is obsolete to say it gently). Furthermore it would provide compatibility across different Vampire variants.
  Then there is my Toccata, wchich I'd love to utilize in its full glory that 040@25 won't manage to do. A1200 soundcards are hard to come across, if you haven't noticed.
  Therefore, I really hope that Apollo Team would release a V4000 version plugged in the CPU slot so that I have a superfast 68080 AMMX processor and real FastRAM so that I can stop using my 68040/25 and 16MB FastRAM from the mainboard, which is painfully slow.
  If you don't have interest in one of these - that's fine - but please don't measure anyone with your own vision, and decide what's a "rare machine" and what's "history".
  I love my A4K and for one I would be very happy to see V4000 as a 3640-style CPU card for easy drop-in replacement - with true FastRAM and IDE upgrade (as in V500).
  And to answer your question - A4000 is exactly this - my SPECIAL Amiga, not like any other I own. Build differently, with different form factor, and with different possibilities. And calling it a "power supply for Vampire" is quite outrageous. V4000 would mean a new life for this special machine.
I think the same; I wait Vampire4000
and short EAB discussion

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 47
11 Sep 2019 08:53

ok, so I tried 1 gb card, same situation.
  I tried a 2091 SCSI with SCSI2SD and, same thing.
  Now, I tried a 4gb card as slave in our Vampire and I did create a 1.25Gb partition. When I tried to record video I have this error
  Error in data transfer phase!(21)
  Any ideas ?

Martin Soerensen

Posts 232
11 Sep 2019 10:14

I don't think you can use the 2091 together with a Vampire since the 2091 uses DMA. You need to either use the Vampire IDE port or in case of a Z-II card, it needs to be non-DMA.

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 47
11 Sep 2019 18:25

thanks Martin.

I just wanted to try my 2091 board. To be honest, I didnt have any problem. Maybe because I have the latest ROM installed on it... I dont know but I can format my partitions, move files here and there and I didnt feel nothing wrong.

But now I need to fix this issue with my Vlab Motion.

I have the feeling that it doesnt like SD or Compact Flash cards at all.

I tried both systems and same error. I think I need to try a 2.5 hard drive on my Vampire. I saw it will work with 4Gb partitions too.

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 47
15 Sep 2019 00:35

I did try again today.

A clean MovieShop installation 4.3 this time. Removed all the libraries inside LIBS: too so Movieshop will be fresh and ready.

Doesnt matter what hard drive I use, I have dmotion.library error.

I did notice, in my second floppy disk installation there is a dmotion.library and another 040 folder for cpus 040 and 060 with a different dmotion.library.

I tried both, and same error.

So, just guessing.............. maybe there is a possibility that this dmotion.library doesnt see or recognize Vampire as 68k CPU ??

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