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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

ENC28J60 and Coffin

Stephen Nuthall

Posts 6
08 Jul 2019 15:51

Everyone has been amazing on here and im learning fast and deep down the rabbit hole of learning about this card.

I'm stuck again, hoping for some help.
Made sure my card is 3.3v, if I boot with it plugged in I don't see a problem, but if i have the ethernet plugged in, the vampire slows down to a rate that's too slow to do anything (desktop icons take 30 secs to render)

With no ethernet cable (just the ENC28J60) the vampire works perfectly and the only light on the ENC28J60 that's lit is D1.

I selected v2expeth on the coffin wizard.

Any thoughts would be great.
Thank you everyone, the journey has been amazing so far.

Ronnie Beck

Posts 35
09 Jul 2019 19:51

Hey.  What you describe is not unheard of.  The module is defective or not a 3.3v.  I have had one myself which does exactly the same.  I bought a new one and it works perfectly!

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