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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Error : Zu Fruh Entnommen MicroSD

Erik Piceni

Posts 8
30 Apr 2019 10:33

Hi everyone, I have this problem.
When I move files, for example from sd0 to dh0 or cf0 or vice versa, I move them from dh0 to sd0 I always have this error, how is it possible to solve it?
Thank you

Amiga 2000, Vampire 500 V2+ Gold Core 2.11

Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 191
30 Apr 2019 12:35

If I were to hazard a guess, the is a connection problem to the SDCard.  Check that the pins in the SDCard slot look ok and clean the SDCard pins themself.  Try another SDCard as well.

Theo Theoderich

Posts 8
30 Apr 2019 13:29

Sometimes I have the same "problem" with this message when I use DOpus 4 on a huge amount of files (OS 3.1).
  Tried with different Micro SD Cards (always FAT formated) and different CF cards (PFS3 formated). The pins are fine and clean.
  I can click on "Retry" (i am at work so i do not know the exact Button description) and it will continue without problems until the message reappears at some point.
  If I copy the same folders again, the message never appears with the same files as before.
  I tried with with different VControl values.
  VControl IDE 1 to 3 and VControl SD 0 to 10 (but not in every combination)
  It's a bit annoying, but fortunately the message doesn't appear too often.

Chris Edwards

Posts 43
30 Apr 2019 14:07

welcome to the club, happens to me on Vampire sagasd.device or SCSI.device connected peripherals. I've tried probably 13 different makes/capacities for both coffin and the microsd on the vampire in all variations of file systems. still no dice. random errors all the time. connections are fine.  im thinking of refreshing my core

Erik Piceni

Posts 8
01 May 2019 15:22

I tried everything, even to replace the MicroSD, use it directly in the Vampire but nothing, always the same error. If I copy files from CF to HDD instead it gives me no error. I think I'll try to replace the connector


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