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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

Another Newbie Question

Robert Harrison

Posts 13
21 Feb 2019 20:08

Has anyone successfully setup a CD/DVD Rom drive with Coffin OS and the Vampire IDE connection?  If so, how did you do it?

John William

Posts 466
21 Feb 2019 22:15

Robert Harrison wrote:

Has anyone successfully setup a CD/DVD Rom drive with Coffin OS and the Vampire IDE connection?  If so, how did you do it?

LOL! IT JUST ONLY YESTERDAY I managed it and today I am proud..trucking my feathers I did it and lo and behold...my first customer! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Shk if you are reading this...THANK YOU!!


A) EXTERNAL LINK <-- this is a must. DON'T GO CHEAP HERE! TRUST ME! IT IS <CENSOR> worth it!

B) Driver that comes with that sweet baby!!

C) A SINGLE COMPACT FLASH ADAPTOR..DON'T YOU DARE USE DUAL COMPACT FLASH (again, if shk is reading this...THANK YOU)...you use Dual compact flash you are asking for trouble. AGAIN FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!! I AM NOT JOKING

D) AN EXTENDER 44 PIN MALE TO FEMALE (again, if shk is reading this.....THANK YOU). You buy it from eBay. It cost me 30 bucks in total...DON'T YOU DARE GO CHEAP...IT IS A MUST REQUIREMENT...A MUST.

E) Normal IDE cable 44 pin and 40 pin

F) An amiga disk drive power port y-splitter....(I used Z-500 to power my devices but you can have it internally)

G) Optional: Get Z-500 from amiga eab (worth every dime) and have your devices get power from the z-500 instead of the internal disk drive if you want your devices external and not clutter your internal Amiga (again if you are using an A500 however). If you are not using an Amiga 500 and you using the big box Amiga then ...I am surprised you are even posting this. But seeing you said vampire IDE my conclusion it is V500 unless you are using v600 elite version or something...

...> Hook the female 40 pin IDE (correctly) into your v50 and the male 40 pin from the IDE extender into the 4xeide'99 adaptor (correctly)..(I have them all outside my a500) then hook your dvd on the slave port of the 44 pin and set your dvd reader to master (DO NOT SET IT TO SLAVE).

..> Install the drivers

..> Reboot Amiga

..> Drag and drop the CD2 (not CD1) into the devs:dosdrivers/ of your workbench

--> reboot Amiga

Enjoy and have fun! Now you can have two dvd player and two hard drives in additional to your original compact flash adaptor for your A500!!


Aleghid V4/1200

Posts 26
21 Feb 2019 22:44

someone managed simply using the edu arana panther?

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 563
22 Feb 2019 00:03

No Coffin OS here, but before I bought 4xEIDE'99 interface, I used IDE 44-44-40 cable only:


It worked OK later on V500 too.

Robert Harrison

Posts 13
22 Feb 2019 17:50

Hmmm... Coffin OS has CacheCDFS included and I have a 44-44-44 hooked up to the V500.  On the first, master, position I have a 32Gb CF and on the last, slave, position a SATA adapter to a GU90N drive.  I'd like to get this to work with CacheCDFS and the existing hardware.  If not then I will probably get the 4xEIDE'99 with AllegroCDFS.  It is recognized correctly by HDToolbox on address 1.  I wonder if it is simply changing the settings in the CD0 file?

Robert Harrison

Posts 13
22 Feb 2019 17:51

Thanks this looks great, unfortunately my wife has cut off my funds for now so I want to get it work with the default software.

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 563
22 Feb 2019 20:24

I find that my IDE 44-44-40 cable was a bit picky and all devices didn't work together. That's why i upgraded to 4xeide'99 adapter.

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