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Questions and Answers for AMIGA Workbench or Coffin

New Alternate USB Stack?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
22 Dec 2018 11:51


No screenshot available
Short: ANAIIS USB Stack Release 1.18
Author: Gilles Pelletier
Uploader: gilles pelletier live fr (Gilles Pelletier)
Type: driver/other
Version: 1.18 (18-Dec-2018)
Requires: Highway or Subway from E3B or another supported usb hardware
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Date: 2018-12-20
Download: EXTERNAL LINK - View contents
Readme: EXTERNAL LINK  Downloads: 10019

ANAIIS, acronym for Another Native Amiga IO Interface Stack, is a software
solution that brings the possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) to
the old vintage Amiga, with 68000 at 7.09MHz, and the ZorroII card Highway or
clockport Subway from E3B.

At minimum, you need:
- an Amiga 68000 at 7.09MHz (PAL or 7.16MHz in NTSC ;) )
- a Highway or a Subway card
- some RAM (70 Ko for a mouse and a keyboard)
- should operate from WB1.1 to AmigaOS4.0 (680x0 cpu required).

ANAIIS, Another acronym with hidden parts:
Native because it is all written in C language (some parts are in Assembly).
Amiga because this computer worths this kind of program.
Input/Output because it works for mice, keyboards, thumbs and printers.
Interface because it translates usb transactions into Intuition events.
Stack because this kind of program is called like that.

ANAIIS controls internaly :
- (9,0,0) alias hub
- (3,1,1) alias keyboard (boot keyboard)
- (3,1,2) alias mouse (boot mouse)

and externaly:
- (7,1,1), (7,1,2) alias printer (uni and bi-directional)
- (8,6,80) alias massstorage (bulk only with embedded scsi commands)
            SATA disk, sticks, keys, thumbs, card readers...
- (3,0,0) vendor=0x044f 1103 product=0xb320 45856 ThrustMaster (joypad with
- all external program by using a Sirion like API.
- like pl2303 vendor=0x067b 1659 product=0x2303 8963...

A little graphic user interface is given to control the stack.
You can also control it via CLI commands: usbstart, usbreset, usbstop.
You can send files to printer with the usbprint <file> command.
A redirection helper translates parallel.device unit 0 into ieee1284.device.
You only need a compatible printer driver to print via standard system.
(i.e. Deskjet560C for HPSC2210, or a PCL compatible driver)

External programs can be used with ANAIIS stack, such HID (extra buttons),
ThrustMaster (joystick with rumble) and massive (keys with (8,6,80) interface).
These programs are not delivered with this package.

For games, demos or some tools, you must keep original mouse and keyboard.
ANAIIS translates usb transactions into system events, so programs that
use hardware directly won't work.
ANAIIS is not yet resident and doesn't survive at boot time.

Tested with success with Brilliance, Deluxe Paint, Aegis Sonix, Ced
(I wrote this text with it :) ) most of well written Workbench tools.
The Settlers, Indy4 (and the fate of Atlantis) work fine...

It is possible to plug and unplug devices without reseting the stack.
But be careful with disks.

Requirement & Installation
See Install.readme file.

- Make this stuff romable, or reset proof.
- Internal drivers support.
- Reduce code size, suppress debug data.
- Improve gui.
- Improve speed and reactivity.

Known Bugs
- crash on 68000 + ucode and utf_8 catalogs

Additional downloads

ANAIIS USB Boot disk Release 1.18
ANAIIS libusb support for WinUAE Release 1.18

ANAIIS libusb support for WinUAE Release 1.18

Niclas A
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 216
22 Dec 2018 19:03

New? It's over 10 years old :-)

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
23 Dec 2018 10:21

EH, went 1.18 in a decade? Nice Amiga numbering, as well as nice to see Amiga s/w being developed and bugfixed

Mo Retro

Posts 239
23 Dec 2018 13:47

Snippet from the reader:
V1.18 18-Dec-2018 Bump rev
      10-Sep-2018 NSD commands
      24-Apr-2018 68080 detection
      27-Dec-2017 PeekQualifier for WB 1.x

Like it much because it detects the Apollo 080 :)
I certainly would like the Team consider its use and/or some kind of collaboration with the programmer.

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