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Amiga Dungeon Master - Remake Using Amiga Super-A

Arne von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 63
21 Nov 2023 18:36


this is Arne.
I'm a 16 years old Amiga fan.
I like coding in assembly on Amiga and maybe you know that I've written some Amiga games. I'm part of the Apollo-Team and our mission is to revive the Amiga.

The Amiga is my favorite computer and is a very special computer.
The main strength of the Amiga is the combination of the powerful 68K CPU with the DMA based Amiga chipset - the Amiga chipset can offload the CPU and do GFX and Audio for free.

Today, I like to show you another Amiga 3D Hardware texture Mapping example.

The Amiga game "Dungeon Master" has a special place in my heart
and because of this I think about making an improved
version of  "Dungeon Master" using the 3D power of the Amiga Super-AGA chipset.

This is only a very quickly coded preview of how the game can look.
Coded just today in about 2 hours. The game is not done and finished yet.

So here is a very small example of how, I envision the remake of this great Amiga game. This Dungeon Master 3D Demo example uses:
32bit ARGB truecolor Amiga screenmode
640 pixel resolution
Amiga Hardware accelerated 3D texture mapping
A truecolor textures (for Dungeons/Walls/Floors/Monster)
Hardware Mipmapping (512, 256, 128, 64 texture)
bilinear filtering
You can find more code examples:
If you are interested to learn more about Apollo V4 Amigas
then you can get more information here:
If you like to have such Amiga too then you can order yours here:

Mick Stone

Posts 15
22 Nov 2023 02:27

Looking good. I hope you can pull this off as Dungeon Master was #1 in my book.

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 148
22 Nov 2023 22:26

This is looking fantastic so far, great job!

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