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Running OCS/AGA/RTG Demos

V1200 - Alien Breed TKG and Other Stuff

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 308
10 Jan 2020 11:23

Someone asked me to test Alien Breed 3D II - The Killing Grounds on the Vampire 1200. This is a little more than that...


Michael AMike

Posts 152
10 Jan 2020 12:20

Pretty fast - thanks for the video.:) Interesting showcase is also Tornado AGA. Choose the autodemo in the menu, even on fast machines(060/66)it isn't smooth. We come in peace from Elude is also hungry for CPU Power.

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
10 Jan 2020 15:09

Any chance of trying TFX? I still have the disks for that somewhere.

posts 3