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V4, Aros 68k and Classic Amiga Games - Part II

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 275
07 Dec 2019 22:53

This is the second and i think final part of the series, where I test games on the Vampire V4 and Aros 68k.
Compatibility with games is not an issue for Aros :-)
Some news, Kalamatee joined the Team and it is amazing what as been achieved in a relative short time with the development.


Mr Niding

Posts 448
08 Dec 2019 07:32


Thanks for all your testing and recording, so you can show us the progress. Much appriciated!

And hearing that Kalamatee is part of the team now is VERY exiting news!

I would love to see the new "Coffin/VampOS" image to be based on AROS in the future :)

Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 652
08 Dec 2019 08:53

that is really good news ;)

now more or less all aros devs are working on aros 68k (and vampire)

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 275
09 Dec 2019 05:35

Kalamatee YT channel:

Nikos Tomatsidis

Posts 59
09 Dec 2019 11:20

Fantastic you got Kalamatee on the team. Gratz!!
  It is very cool to see the videos. Way to go Vampire team. You are the only possible Amiga like future. It is so great AROS finaly found its home.

posts 5