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V4 Core R10000 Release

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 380
13 Apr 2024 06:32

Dear Apollonians,
We are thrilled to announce the release of Apollo Core Revision 10000 for our V4 Standalone system! This milestone update brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance performance and user experience.
Here’s what you can look forward to:
CPU Improvements :
  - Doubled DCache size
  - Increased FPU precision
  - Improved FINT speed
SAGA Improvements :
  - Flickerfixer feature
  - Improved audio
  - Supports DMA burst length of up to 256bit. (OCS=16bit/AGA=64bit)
Maggie improvements :
  - Doubled Maggie speed
  - New modes added
  - Z-buffer GL modes added
  - Supports a range of 3 pixelscreen output formats. (16/24/32-bit)
  - Supports cookie cut texturing.
ApolloOS improvements :
  - Switch between PAL and chunky screens
  - Fixed buttons in requesters
  - Removal of harmless ghost sprite
  - Border blanking fix
General improvements :
  - Support for longer IDE cables
  - Several compatiblity and game fixes
We encourage everyone to update to the latest version to take advantage of these exciting new features and improvements. For detailed instructions on how to update, please visit our support page or contact us on Discord.
Download: CLICK HERE 

Core revision 10000 for IceDrake, FireBird and Manticore is currently in the oven and should follow quite soon after this release.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to excellence. We look forward to hearing your feedback on Core Revision 10000!

Bartos Lisowski

Posts 19
14 Apr 2024 12:41

Feedback: My IceDrake V4 in my Amiga1200 black runs good with ICEDRAKE_10000.jic Core

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 22
16 Apr 2024 11:06

Amazing update, thank you for your hard work!

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 149
16 Apr 2024 15:55

Awesome update, thanx so much!

Pasi Ylinen

Posts 2
17 Apr 2024 07:32

Thanks, overall it was worth upgrading to 10000, because earlier cores 9743_9-5 and 9465 had many more issues.
About overall stability can't say yet too much, at least earlier cores have crashed (black screen) intermittently. So hopefully this is now more stable.

First impressions of Standalone V4 10000 -core / Sagadriver 3.1b6 / Coffin r63:
- microsd-slot works (did not work with core 9743_9-5)
- apollo-keyboard works, it did intermittently lose connection when playing whdload-games (core 9465), and had to power off V4 to use again keyboard.

- interlaced pal and ntsc modes no more work, picture jumps rapidly. Tested WHDLoad-demo using interlaced modes (Big Time Sensuality) and a few animations. These modes worked with earlier cores 9743_9-5 and 9465, using the same Sagadriver.

Alan Kerjeana

Posts 12
24 Apr 2024 10:51

On my A1200 + Icedrake => core 9634 to 10000 :

- Some RTG Games don't work (Fondation Gold for example)
- SD card with extention cable not work (only ok if microSD in Icedrake slot.
- Full speed is now ok if I put TU=0 and casch activate with whdload (Alien breed 3D ; Alien Breed 3D 2 ; Xtrem Racing for example). With 9634 core, Tu=0 with cash crashed, now ok with 10000 core. 

John William

Posts 566
24 Apr 2024 18:34

When are firebird v4 users going to get an updated core?

- Thanks.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6246
24 Apr 2024 21:06

John William wrote:

When are firebird v4 users going to get an updated core?
  - Thanks.

If you go to the download section - there you can find also new Firebird cores - in the test column. Have fun!

John William

Posts 566
25 Apr 2024 03:04

Gunnar von Boehn wrote:

John William wrote:

  When are firebird v4 users going to get an updated core?
    - Thanks.

  If you go to the download section - there you can find also new Firebird cores - in the test column. Have fun!

  But that is alpha. I tried it. It caused problem. Screen flickering, DIGITAL-VIDEO going down and coming back for 3 seconds then going down, I had to somehow reflash the old core waiting for the screen to come back to see what I am typing. Not fun. I will wait until it is completed and it is green before I try it out.

Besides it is not even 1000 yet, still 993. I will wait for how long it takes. Not in a hurry really.

P-O Yliniemi

Posts 14
19 Jun 2024 01:13

The Stupid Question of Today (night):

Copied from Q&A on the other apollo-site:
Which core is installed on my V4+?
  When you power-on your V4+, simultaneously please press both mouse buttons and keep them pressed until the Early Boot Menu shows up on the screen. You will find the core version in the second row.... or better to say....since Release 2 the core version is listed in the menu. If there is no version number, then you run on Release Core 1.

In the early startup menu, my V4SA says "Release 9.5, 2024-03-11", that's not the core revision...

Then there is the "ApolloControl" command, with the options "CO" and "CR" for getting the "core revision string" and "core revision number". The command outputs nothing.

What am I doing wrong, and what do I need to do to do it correctly ?

The easiest method to get the core revision seems to be to use ApolloFlash with hopefully the same .jic file that is supposed to be there already.. or not (tried that, it flashed rev 10000 again) ..

David Schokrowski

Posts 1
05 Jul 2024 22:42

  für die Firebierd bzw Salamander, die ich habe, ist nirgends eine version 10000 zu finden, warum? Auch ich habe reichlich für meine Salamander bezahlt... Soll nicht böse gemeint sein aber ich versteh es nicht, für Standalone und recht fix für Icedrake, warum guckt der Rest in die Röhre...
  MfG David

posts 11