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ApolloOS 9.4 Released

Tim Noyce

Posts 156
12 Apr 2023 13:53

========================== ApolloOS R9.4 Release ====================================
  ApolloOS R9.4 Changelist
  - [x] @Morten Updates
      - [x] Maggie.library update incl sources
  - [x] BigGun Childhood Sentiment
      - [x] Ravage
  - [x] DefIcons for floppy drives
  - [x] @RedBug Updates
      - [x] Programs:Developer/MandelBrot
  - [x] @Tommo Updates
      - [x] Programs:Developer/DevPac
      - [x] Programs:Games/RCross & Pong
      - [x] Programs:Tools/SoundTest
  - [x] SetPatch NOVBRMOVE
  - [x] Locale & Input Prefs crashes fixed by workaround
  - [x] SAGAGFX.hidd
      - [x] added 1920x1080 (mode $11)
      - [x] added 1280x1024 (mode $12)
      - [x] added 1280x800 (mode $13)
      - [x] added 1440x900 (mode $14)
  - [x] Riva update v0.59
      - [x] Unified version for all OS
      - [x] Adaptive to custom WB settings
      - [x] Improved DMA timings
  - [x] Removed RNO Archive from Tools
  - [x] Updated icon.library with ApolloOS optimisations
      - [x] Memory all to FastMem
      - [x] Mask issue is fixed
  - [x] ApolloControl / ApolloMap / ApolloFlash updates

Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
27 Aug 2023 13:18

Great Job Thanks all Developers

Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
06 Sep 2023 12:21

i really like apolloos i used to use aros on x86 i had some problems with the filesystem i didn't touch the partition configuration but more than once i had to rewrite the disk image to CF, i solved my problems by using the sd card as a storage device for applications and files of all kinds i had no more problems, ibrowse once created an error in the partition when i was downloading and then the program didn't work properly it crashed a lot, then with dopus transferring files to the system partitions it crashed giving me errors in the filesystem, i don't want to be controversial i'm happy with my vampire i'm a classic user i use the pc for a few operations however now that i know how to deal with apolloos i'm ok

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