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V4 SA Core 9115 - Bug?

Peter Barnsley

Posts 13
12 Dec 2022 11:26

Hi, I just flashed the 9915 core onto my V4 SA, there were no errors reported. I turned the V4 off for about a minute, turned it back on and now I just get the insert disk animation. The boot menu shows DF0 and DF1 only, no hard disc (CF Card anymore).
Is this a bug, or what did I do wrong?

Michael Tieß

Posts 3
12 Dec 2022 12:19

I have the same problem with Amiga OS 3.2.1. After restart insert disk screen and no boot from CF.

Peter Barnsley

Posts 13
12 Dec 2022 12:30

I just flashed the latest Coffin OS (R61) over my CF Card, and when I turn the V4 on the Coffin splash screen comes up (new in this version), and then it goes to the insert disk animation. DF0 and DF1 still listed in the boot menu.
  So, it looks like it is picking up the CF card because it loads the splash screen, just doesnt want to boot from it properly?

Danilo Drago

Posts 43
12 Dec 2022 12:38

New core requires new ApolloFlash and ApolloMap commands in C:
Then you have to modify Coffin Startup-Sequence replacing VampireMap with new ApolloMap command at the beginning.

The new 9xxx cores require ApolloFlash 1.24.

These operations must be done before you flash new core.

Peter Barnsley

Posts 13
12 Dec 2022 15:17

Thanks for the info, so I used the new ApolloFlash command to flash the core. But did not know about the ApolloMap command. I assume a new CoffinOS release will bake that in in the future, and that the latest Apollo OS already contains it? So I could just reflash my CF with Apollo OS I assume?

Peter Barnsley

Posts 13
12 Dec 2022 15:47

All fixed, I just mounted the CF card in WinUAE and copied the ApolloMount file over the top of the one that was already on CoffinOS R61, it boots now.
Cheers for the info!

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6246
12 Dec 2022 18:03

Peter barnsley wrote:

Hi, I just flashed the 9915 core onto my V4 SA,

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