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Release - Version CF Card With Apollo OS

Andreas Vogt

Posts 2
09 Mar 2022 13:41

I bougth a Vampire Stand alone last year.
Since I hadn't touched an Amiga in over 25 years.
Everything was like new because I didn't know Kickstart 3.0 anymore or AROS.
Could it be that I delivered the wrong version (Developer Edition)? According to boot menu: "(Post-Release 7 - Development Rom, 2021-09-29) with strange partitions (like name Movies)?
Thank you.

Christopher Stokes

Posts 36
09 Mar 2022 16:58

Hi Andreas,

I'm not in the Apollo Team but I have a V4 SA. It was also sent to me with the most up to date core and version of Apollo OS at the time when I received it. Here, under the Downloads Tab you will find the most current stable version of the core and image of Apollo OS.

I highly recommend joining their discord channel. It's fun trying the test cores and learning how the Amiga works under the hood. Its also very friendly.




Andreas Vogt

Posts 2
11 Mar 2022 07:28

Thank you for answer. I think the documentation ist to much to find the real information (old and new website, videos, faq...).
I bought a new CF Card with reader and installed the new appolo os, this is much better than my old version and easier to update or handle adf Files.
But the time to spend before you can have fun with old games is to much.
My Amiga time was playing games with no complicate installation.
My first Computer and this times never come back.
But the Vampire Standalone V4 is the best product since years after the bankrupt of Commodore.


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