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Vampire BootLoader Duo (VBL-DUO) Release Candidate

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 131
13 Jul 2021 14:37

Duo-boot OS Solution for ApolloOS and Coffin on Vampire V4
- Run the two most complete OS distro’s from one single CF-Card
- Seamless switching between ApolloOS and Coffin without powercycle
- Shared “Personal:” Partition accessible from both ApolloOS and Coffin
- Shared “Archives:” Partition for central repository of Games & Demos
- Integrated TinyLauncher for Quick & Clean launch of Games & Demos
- Original Amiga Kickstarts in ApolloOS for better WHDLoad compatibility
- Cross-Mount Coffin drive in ApolloOS and vice versa (X-Mount)
- Automated detection of correct ApolloOS or Coffin Kickstart ROM
- Memory for direct boot into ApolloOS or Coffin based on “last used” OS
- Tools menu for Harddisk, Back-up, Update, VampireMap & VampireFlash


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