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Introducing Vampire BootLoader Solo (VBL-Solo)

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 131
06 Jun 2021 16:05

Apollo Team proudly introduces Vampire BootLoader Solo (VBL-Solo).

This “little brother” of VBL is for easy, fast and automated single Amiga OS install on any CF-Card 512MB or larger.
VBL-Solo is targeted on users that want to create their own Amiga OS based installations.
VBL-Solo helps you “Kickstart” into a Apollo certified Amiga OS setup on Vampire V2 and V4 series.
VBL-Solo takes care of all specifics of Amiga OS 3.1, 3.9 or the latest 3.2 and after install VBL-Solo is completely gone (no footprint).

Using VBL-Solo is simple:
- Download and unzip VBL-Solo.zip
- Flash VBL-Solo-CF-Card.img.zip direct to CF with Balena Etcher
- Copy SD0 Folder to FAT32 SD-Card
- Copy your own source files on SD-Card in the correct folders
- Put CF-Card and SD-Card in V2 or V4 and boot
- Select OS you want to install…

Let us know what you think in the #vampire-bootloader channel. Constructive honest feedback is most appreciated.

Mikael Grahn

Posts 14
07 Jun 2021 08:51

Great work! Looking forward to using it if I ever manage to get a V1200 :)

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 131
11 Jun 2021 19:25

For all the V2 and V4 users that want to build their own Amiga OS 3.1, 3.9 or 3.2, I would like to announce updated Vampire BootLoader Solo (VBL-Solo).

The changelist for VBL-Solo R6.2 - Patch#1 is;
1. AOS32: RexxMast Server is now added to Startup-Sequence
2. AOS232: All International Keyboards made available
3. All AmigaOS: Mount/DisMount SD-Card added on Desktop and Menu

The Mount-SD script is rewritten from scratch to toggle Mount/Dismount by just clicking on the Icon on the desktop or using the Menu (Tools -> Mount / DisMount SD-Card).
VBL-Solo is made available for free by the Apollo Team for all Vampire V2 and V4 users by e-mail registration: willemdrijver@mac.com 

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