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Vampire BootLoader Release 6 (VBL R6)

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 131
27 Apr 2021 20:38

Hi Vampires,

Vampire BootLoader Release 6 (VBL R6) is finally here;

  * Officially integrated in the Apollo Vampire product family
  * Development and Releases synced with Apollo Roadmap
  * Renamed to Vampire BootLoader (VBL) with new logo
  * Support for new V4 Core R6 and ApolloOS R6
  * Support for Vampire V500-V2+ Series (delayed to R6.1)
  * Dynamic switch between V2 and V4 with same CF-Card
  * Improved UAE Turbo Install with support for physical CF
  * RTG support for future VBL Graphic User Interface (GUI)

VBL Walkthrough Guide: EXTERNAL LINK 
For free registration sent mail to: willemdrijver@mac.com 
More information, discussion, background and support at #vampire-bootloader channel

Robert Pulfer-Ridings

Posts 59
27 Apr 2021 22:06

What a fantastic piece of software :) Thanks for the hard work Willem :)

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 149
28 Apr 2021 04:08

Great work Willem, thanx so much for this project.

Kevin Saunders
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 50
28 Apr 2021 10:33

The documentation is excellent, well done Vampire team :)

Michal Pietal

Posts 236
01 May 2021 12:32

Now I have all Amiga systems installed.
  Thank you, Willem!!

posts 5