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This forum is for people interested in the APOLLO CPU.
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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

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  Megadrive 6 Buttons Joypad and V4Michele Dipace8484711 Apr 16:12Matthew Langtry
  V1200 On CD32 WorkingArananet Net6424707 Apr 20:00Matthias Gruber
  Booting From CF Card Doesn't Work Anymore SuddenlyMichael Borrmann4352407 Apr 08:23Michael Borrmann
  V4 Problem, Changing Partition SizesJoakim Hemsle1280404 Apr 02:24Tim Waite
  Cant Disable Fpu Gold 2.9Stephen A.9495601 Apr 18:32Henryk Richter
  IndivisionECSv2 Hardware Not Found   (1, 2, 3 )Lord A1k471726631 Mar 22:22Blind Guy
  RTC Module for V1200 ?Cyril G11408725 Mar 20:29Pete Morgan
  Unable to Download Quartus II Programmer.David Myers10691525 Mar 02:34Tim Trepanier
  Vampire 1200 V2: How to Load Kickstart 3.1.4Andre Geisler4261824 Mar 17:35Andre Geisler
  Built-in Game Development KitOlle Haerstedt5291719 Mar 22:54Olle Haerstedt
  Vampire 500 V2+ Stock?Jonathan Schmidt1218019 Mar 22:06Knight Stone
  Mouse Problems With Core2.12 for Vampire 500Patrik Rendel3228119 Mar 19:53Mark Breckell
  Dual CF Adapter ?Roger Andre Lassen2212419 Mar 18:03Roger Andre Lassen
  V1200 / Issue With Vampireflash314Cyril G13314519 Mar 16:38Cyril G
  Couple of Easy Vampire Questions ...Knight Stone2234717 Mar 10:00Knight Stone
  Vampire Mouse PointerChris T.2229316 Mar 20:47Chris T.
  Vampire 500 V2+ Expansion Port.Flavio Regis5299714 Mar 16:23Flavio Regis
  Akiko Chip In Standalone   (1, 2, 3 )Simo Koivukoski451300614 Mar 12:41Emily Sonnschein
  CF/SD CardMichael Huck10263212 Mar 21:40Knight Stone
  Adding More Keyboards (V4SA)Martin White12326012 Mar 13:02Ray Couzens
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