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This forum is for people interested in the APOLLO CPU.
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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

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  V500 V2+ CF/SD Access LED?Chris Marsden1391401 Apr 23:36Michael R
  KickRom Best PracticePedro Cotter11371931 Mar 14:50David Wright
  Amiga 2000 MegaChipChris Marsden5364626 Mar 10:59Michael Nurney
  Just Saying "Thank You"Obetto Sannala16354524 Mar 18:38Thomas Blatt
  NvramPeter Heginbotham0317023 Mar 15:47
  Co-ProcessorsKaosmaster RJ11415615 Mar 22:58Luc Starr
  SysinfoMichael Nurney16397814 Mar 00:43M Rickan
  E-Uae 68KPedro Cotter0352907 Mar 19:26
  Turtle Mode QueryLeigh Russ5330507 Mar 13:19Leigh Russ
  Finally I Can Capture In True HD On the VampireMichael Nurney2461206 Mar 09:14Michael Nurney
  Esp8266 Wifi for Vampire 500+Mirko Lange1320827 Feb 11:57Niclas A
  WHDLoad Compatibility   (1, 2 )Chris T.221440122 Feb 13:37Teemu Korvenpää
  Wi-Fi Enabled SD Card In A600 Vampire 2?Mo Retro8813117 Feb 20:31Mo Retro
  Green Boot Up Screen After GOLD2 UpdateCarlos Milán6463515 Feb 09:03Carlos Milán
  OS 4.1 With Vampire 500V2+Mirko Lange18529215 Feb 05:40M Rickan
  Vampire ResellersSebastian Blanco1445109 Feb 04:19Roger Shimada
  Amiga 1200 MB Revs & Accelerators CompatibilityMo Retro3443731 Jan 16:04John Heritage
  The Vampire Future Looks Bright :DMo Retro15592930 Jan 13:14Account Sold.
  IDE Connector and Use of HarddiskChris T.8397727 Jan 21:28Chris T.
  Vampire 500 V2 RTC?Eric Gus4346224 Jan 15:57Eric Gus
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