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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

A570 and Action Replay MK III - Questionpage  1 2 

Slawomir Bubel

Posts 6
12 Aug 2017 07:12

Maybe there IS a way to organize AR and HRTmon (or another freezer/ripper/monitor/editor) for Vampire?
  On C64 there was Expert Cartridge with RAM-based tools instead of usual ROM ones. That approach could be useful if someone would like to write a decent tool in the future.

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 115
16 Jun 2019 22:31

The replay board support directly Hrtmon, the Vampire should too especially V4.
As the source code of Hrtmon is available it should be easier to add the new opcodes and new hardware registers of the Vampire.

John William

Posts 467
17 Jun 2019 20:36

Slawomir Bubel wrote:

I mean A570 and AR are really nice addition to Amiga 500. I missed them on A1200 - especially Action Replay :)

I would honestly not own A570, use it or even bother keep it. If you can still make money out of such hardware...get rid of it ASAP.

A) With my A500 I already am using a compact flash of 32 GB to boot the main OS in (for optimal speed of course)

B) With my A500 I already am using a IDE buffer that allows me to hook a full functioning 230 GB mechanical hard drive and a full functioning DVD BURNER that reads dvd/cd on the fly (which I am using now to watch all my movies on...) in additional to A

C) With my A500 I already am using an SDNet which allows me to access Ethernet and a good speed (surpassing that of plipbox or other hacks) and gives me access to a network server that provides me a total of 2.80 TB in additional to my 230 GB which I have a full 3 TB hard drive (all mechanical and working at optimal speed) in additional to point B and A

D) With all that available spaces I also now have 50 of 4 GB DVD disc to burn whatever I want in them and so far I am using it for the purpose of movies to watch them on my A500 using that external DVD burner.


also I have a spare 3.5" IDE to hook two more devices...I can hook two more 3.5" mechanical hard drive of 500 GB if I wanted too...to a total of 1 TB giving my A500 a total of 4 TB if I wanted to push it that....



My advice...get rid of the A570 and make money out of it!

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