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Ide Speed Tests A600

Michael Nurney

Posts 204
07 Mar 2017 22:44

My system :

A300 (600)
1mb chip

Performance tests.


Michael Nurney

Posts 204
29 Mar 2017 22:05

Further testing done.

A300 rev 1 motherboard - will not accept any speed increase (freezes) from the Vampire
A600 1.3 medium speed ok , high speed same as medium but no crashing
A600 1.5 as 1.3 so far.

Two CF cards tested , one more to test.


Jan Vonka

Posts 40
30 Mar 2017 08:20

As I checked your Youtube channel I would recommend you to swap the motherboards, put A300 with FuriaEC020 as this accelerator specifically uses Gayle01 for its own IDE Speed boost (you enable it with furiatune tool and get up to 4 MB/s speed on CF or MD).
  And for Vampire2 use A600 boards.

Michael Nurney

Posts 204
30 Mar 2017 17:58

i will in time , i need to recap the A600 1.5 first :-)

Michael Nurney

Posts 204
05 Apr 2017 21:15

A600 1.5 recapped and final testing done , i think the CF card is maxed out before the Amiga is...

4,274,086 Sandisk 8gb (med & fast speed)


posts 5