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Vampire 1200 V2 - Can't Update to Core 2.17

Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
30 Sep 2023 19:18

I am in the same boat as the guy a few posts below this one,except I am still on Core 2.13 and use a V1200 V2.

Get the same error message:

Error: cannot identify ROM location in flash.
Currently supported releases: gold 2.16

So I though I try 2.16 first, but I can´t find 2.16 anywhere on the web. Can you share the 2.16 core so I can at least install that one?



Tim Waite

Posts 42
30 Sep 2023 20:29

Take a look in CLICK HERE

Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
30 Sep 2023 21:00

Thank you, but the problem is still there with 2.16 and the error message did not change.

If I ask Workbench 3.1 for the Kickstart version number it says 45.64, the ROMs on my A1200 mainboard are 40.68.

I tried several Kickstart 3.1 A1200 rom-images for upgrading but outcome was the same.

Maybe using the USB Blaster and skipping Apolloflash completely?


Tim Waite

Posts 42
01 Oct 2023 05:31

Are you using the Apolloflash and ApolloOS that was released with your version of the firmware i.e. 2.13?

There might had been breaking changes in later Apolloflash versions with firmware 2.13.

Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
01 Oct 2023 12:13

I got no software with the card, so I had to use what I found on apollo-core.com.

Used the USB-Blaster and Altera Software in the meantime, hadn´t done that in years, so needed some time to read on the internet how it is done. Apollo Core was successfully flashed to 2.17. :)

Son Goku

Posts 38
01 Oct 2023 17:10

Please update SAGA driver also

Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
01 Oct 2023 17:26

Thank you, already did that. :)

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