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Micro SD Not Working On My Firebird V4

Alper Ocak

Posts 9
23 Sep 2023 07:57

I have a Firebird V4 card. ( also v2 Vampire )
I can't get my micro SD card to work.
I looked at the previous topics. I format it as fat32 using Rufus and install it on the Amiga.
Shouldn't the icon appear on the desktop when I insert the micro SD card?
I click on the sd0 icon in the startup folder, I get an error display in a small window.

This card I use works smoothly on my other v2 Vampire Amiga.
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
23 Sep 2023 10:52

alper ocak wrote:

  I have a Firebird V4 card.


Btw the SDcard port on every Firebird card was tested before shipping.
Which OS do you use on the Firebird?
Which core release do you use?
What hardware do you have connected to the Firebird and to the Amiga 500?
Do you use a SDcard expansion cable?
Can you make a foto of the Firebird and how its plugged?
Can you tell us how you connected the DIGITAL-VIDEO?
Is it connected directly or is there something in the flow of the DIGITAL-VIDEO like a frame grapper?

Alper Ocak

Posts 9
24 Sep 2023 14:30

Thank you for your answer.
I don't know how to check which core I'm using. But I bought it almost 1 or 2 years ago. And I haven't upgraded any core.
I insert the microSD card directly. I don't use cables occasionally. And I don't have any other hardware plugged into the Amiga.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
25 Sep 2023 10:00

alper ocak wrote:

I bought it almost 1 or 2 years ago. And I haven't upgraded any core.

The big advantage to all our cards is that, they are supported by us providing you regularly upgrade cores bringing you improvements.

You are getting performance improvements, comparability improvements, OS and Kickstart improvements.

Please update your card regularly.

Please mind that the Operating system distribution does "assume" your card is updated. The current OS and the drivers might give you problems if you not updated the card too.

Alper Ocak

Posts 9
29 Sep 2023 22:34

Thanks for the valuable information you provided.
Finally, I can now see and use my SD card.

I follow this way to upgrade Core.
I downloaded the latest core image
I also downloaded the latest saga drivers.
I copied these two files to the SD card.
I inserted the SD card into my Amiga.
I select the jic file on the SD card using the tools/Apollo Flash application.

But I get the "Files not executable" error.

Where could I be doing wrong?

PS_1: I cannot find the USB blaster I bought with the Vampire card.
PS_2: I cannot connect to the internet with my Amiga. So I can't download the files with Amiga.

Thanks in advance.

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