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M.Sata SSD Drive Or Compact Flash, What's Better?

Massimo Billi

Posts 29
28 Jul 2023 11:03

Hi Vampired Amigans

i bought and Icedrake last year, had some troubles to make it work properly, finally solved the problem buying some other A1200 motherboards :P

Anywyay i bought it along with the 128GB CF and preinstalled ApolloOS and then installed Omniboot with almost all the OS available (it just lacks AmigakitXE and AmgaOS 3.1.4) but the DH3 partitions, used by coffins uses to corrupt and i have to reinstall coffin every time.
I Have a M.Sata => IDE 44pin adapter and i was thinking to use it with a 128GB msata SSD, would it be better to avoid disk corruption?
It's a very annoying issue!

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6193
28 Jul 2023 12:46

Coffin uses PFS filesystem. PFS filesystem has delayed writes.
Delayed write means that when a program writes to disk.
The write is not done immediately but PFS waits a while before doing it. This delay can lead to problems.

Many people have problems with PFS.
They edit a file and save and wait 3 seconds and turn off the Amiga... but the file was not saved - as the write is delayed - and 3 seconds was not long enough waited.

I would avoid using PFS.

John William

Posts 563
28 Jul 2023 16:52

What are you talking about...there is nothing wrong with pfs....-grabs a frying pan and hits his head with it- Oooh it is not as bad as you say it is ...- grabs a machine gun and blasts his Amiga to pieces -

posts 3