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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Live YouTube Chat While Playing the Vampire

Michael Nurney

Posts 207
26 Feb 2017 13:35

I have playing about with live streaming and live chat
  and a few people have asked if I could announce when these go live
  so that they can join in.
  its mostly me messing about and live messages moaning at  my
  crap game play but that's ok.we chat about all sorts. A fan of commodore , come join us.
  anyway the next one is live at 2:30 this afternoon (Sunday U.K. Time)
  see you there I hope.
  mjnurney (youtube)


Mr Niding

Posts 209
08 Aug 2017 11:57

You really should bump this thread of yours more Mr! You dont come off as the most shy person in the world, so whats the problem! :)
    Emulating the Amiga ...on an Amiga!!
    Oh, and take this comment with the best of intentions (Im Overflow in case you wonder);

    I have one complaint about his videos; he never prepares or thinks thru what hes going to do.
    He goes off cold with a general plan, and if it works it works kinda deal.
    I enjoy his bantering and sarcasm, so that makes up for his play by ear style.
    BUT I do agree, and have consider suggesting to him; why dont you test the stuff you plan to do onscreen BEFORE you go live, so you potentially bore people with stuff that doesnt work.
    It doesnt bother me greatly, but it has crossed my mind a few times

    Just a friendly comment :)

Michael Nurney

Posts 207
08 Aug 2017 22:14

Shy ? No not really but streams are a bit flaky on YouTube but I will try to stream at least once a week on Sunday's from 8. U.K. Time.

I make endless videos through the week when time allows but I can't guarantee streams in the week due to work...


Mr Niding

Posts 209
08 Aug 2017 23:07

:) Thanks for your reply.

As I said, and you have noticed from my presence in youtube chat, I do enjoy your streams, which is why I keep bumping youtube threads on amiga forums.

Michael Nurney

Posts 207
11 Aug 2017 17:04

good man , i love shameless promotion...

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