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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Finally I Can Capture In True HD On the Vampire

Michael Nurney

Posts 142
21 Feb 2017 21:40

Im using the Elgato HD capture kit and an upscale to raise the Vampire output to a resolution that the card likes and my LED tv too.

its been tricky to do!

Mr Niding

Posts 7
22 Feb 2017 04:35

Thanks for your stream of videos for all kinds of hardware (Im obviously biased toward Vampires)!

As I commented on your youtube, It would be intresting to see a youtube video about how to hook up/configure the elgato to the V600.

Michael Nurney

Posts 142
06 Mar 2017 09:14


I've done a quick vid on this but if you need a better one just drop me a line.


posts 3