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Changing Battery

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
03 Jun 2022 11:40

How do I change the battery in my Apollo V4 stand alone?
  I stucks in the real time clock module and I can't get it out

Sean Sk

Posts 488
03 Jun 2022 15:48

Are you talking about this RTC?
You can't take it out. Why would you need to replace it? It's rechargeable. You have to replace the whole unit, and even then you would only do this if it stopped recharging.

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
03 Jun 2022 16:54

Unsolder the two metal legs of the battery.
The battery would come of.
If not gently put a sharp wedge between the print and the battery.
It might be stuck with a bit glue.

Now you need any 3v battery to give the RTC some voltage to run again.
It does not have to be placed there.
You can use wires to connect it. (solder them!)
Red/Plus is by the + sign close to the connector.

Good luck.

Replacing it is easier.
You could buy just another pi-DS3231 (anywhere)

Sean Sk

Posts 488
03 Jun 2022 23:19

Tommo Noorduin wrote:

Now you need any 3v battery to give the RTC some voltage to run again.

I hope you mean any 3v "rechargeable" battery because replacing this battery with a non-rechargeable battery is dangerous and could cause serious damage. There's not much point attempting to replace the battery as these modules are super cheap to buy anywhere.

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
04 Jun 2022 15:12

Measurements i took from (h)our "female" module:
With the power off the battery is 3.0 volt.
With the power supply on (vampire) it is 3.0 volt

The other more masculine ds3231 module:

It is indeed a ds3231 but it looks different and the connectors are different.

The 3.7v rechargeable would go up to 4.2v with a power supply on.
And i would not be recommend replacing that with a battery without removing the diode and resistor. They are located by the text "SCL¨

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
04 Jun 2022 16:17

Okay, I didn't know that it's recharchable. I only know, that in the 80's and 90's rechargeable batteries leaked in time

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
05 Jun 2022 12:44

I am so happy everyone now gets that the v4sa RTC is not rechargeable.

Top picture: DS3231
  female 5pin plug
  with 3.0 volt battery

Second picture: (Blue print) other DS3231
  Male 6 pin plug
  with 3.7 volt rechargeable cell

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
13 Jul 2023 17:18

Example of changing the battery:

After 1,5 years the pi-clock-module was on 0,3 volt, so the seconds became very long.
The power for it has to be between 2.3V to 5.5V to operate.
I ordered a new one for $3, but i also glued a tube (part of a pen)
so that it now runs on 2 ag4 cells in stead of 1 cr927.

Steven Hachel

Posts 9
18 Aug 2023 14:03

Very nice. :)

John William

Posts 563
20 Aug 2023 14:51

This gets too complicate, more expensive, high risk factor and for what? Is it all that worth it?

posts 10