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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire V2 1200 68080 X12 85MHz -> X13 95MHz

Bartos Lisowski

Posts 12
27 Dec 2021 16:08

Its possible, that it maybe a Result of better A1200-Vampire Cooling using heatsinks,
  Cooling down unlocks x13?
  makes this possible?
  (Flypes CPU-Monitor shows this)
  Best Regards
  Bartos Lisowski
  EDIT: i reopened the CPU-Monitor & its gone back to x12ůmy Question here, can the FPGA Modify the Multiplier, when its better cooled, & for some Moment Show what the Picture says, or was it a Register-read-Hickup?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5729
27 Dec 2021 18:40

I would say the on V2 FPGA the possible speed is between x11 ..x13
On the V4 FPGA the possible speed goes from x12 to x14.

Bartos Lisowski

Posts 12
27 Dec 2021 19:22

Thank you for the Explainention

Its nice to know that the X-Multiplier can go between x11 to x14

But Its possible to get to x13 with a Vcontrol-Like Software-Switch?

Best Regards

Bartos Lisowski

posts 3