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Firebird Trade Up Program?

Carlos Roldan

Posts 46
30 Oct 2021 20:38

Is there anyways you guys can offer a trade-up program to trade a Vampire V500 v2+ for a New Firebird with whatever fee?

Manfred Bergmann

Posts 220
01 Nov 2021 13:42


I think this is a fair request. All the A600/A500/A1200 early adopters probably done their part in paving the way for the new cards.
On the other hand I can understand if people want to make a business from this when a lot of time and effort is spent.

For me I see 3 options:

1. I keep my V2 cards for as long as they work. I have 3, for A600, A500 and A1200.
2. I try to sell them and if sold pay the difference for the new cards.
3. in case they can't be sold I maybe upgrade one and find a new use for the old one.

The new cards are great for new users but a bit unfortunate for the early consumers who spent considerable money in the last 3 years or so.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 490
01 Nov 2021 13:44

I'm not sure that would actually be really feasible, the Vampire V500 V2+ was made by an entirely separate company from the Apollo team who developed the Apollo core design and makes the standalone and the newer V4 based accelerators.

Carlos Roldan

Posts 46
03 Nov 2021 18:37

I was not aware of this.  Thanks

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