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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Green Boot Up Screen After GOLD2 Update

Carlos Milán

Posts 35
30 Jan 2017 23:02

I have a Vampire 2 from original Majsta pre-order. It came with SILVER9 core. I was using it without any problems in my A600, it looked quite stable. However, after upgrading to GOLD2 (the upgrade finished successfully), the Amiga began restarting randomly until the point of showing green screen at bootup indefinitely.
I know the green screen is related to bad Chip RAM or faulty Agnus, but if I remove the Vampire, the system boots correctly and the green screen is gone.
  Any clues of what could be happening?
  Some information about the system:
  * Motherboard revision: 1.5
  * Other hardware:
    - A604n + RTC
    - Indivision ECS
    - Kipper2k IDE-CF adapter
    - ROM 3.1

Daniel Sevo

Posts 173
31 Jan 2017 00:07

Mine is "stuck" at Silver 6. Anything newer than that and I get black screen (i.e. nothing happens).
  Same rev mobo I think, also A604n +RTC.. Tried removing ROM chips, made no difference.
  Has your board been recapped? I don't think mine has (got the A600 just for the Vamp ;-) (Although the A600 is working just fine without the board)

Carlos Milán

Posts 35
31 Jan 2017 07:46

Yup, mine was recapped. With the random freezes I'm really afraid of flashing it again, maybe I would need the USB Blaster.

Daniel Sevo

Posts 173
31 Jan 2017 09:23

Carlos Milán wrote:

Yup, mine was recapped. With the random freezes I'm really afraid of flashing it again, maybe I would need the USB Blaster.

Yes, a USB Blaster is of course needed if you cant do it from inside WB anymore.
You will also need your personalized "core" -filefor this. I suggest you order a USB blaster from ebay and ask Majsta for the file.

Carlos Milán

Posts 35
12 Feb 2017 11:03

Perfectly working again. I just sanded the socket a bit more, so it could be a bad attach to the 68000; clipping accelerators to the Amiga 600 can be tricky!

Mark Smith

Posts 30
12 Feb 2017 21:04

As a matter of interest can you explain how you did the fix ?  the socket inside the vampire got sanded ?

Just my Vampire is a very borderline fit.

Carlos Milán

Posts 35
15 Feb 2017 09:03

It is actually quite easy, you just get sand paper and polish the socket until it gets a good attach to the 68000, here [1] you have an example of the result.


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