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INDIVISION Mk2 and V1200 RTG Problems

James Husted
(Needs Verification)
Posts 81/ 3
11 Oct 2021 22:26

I recently got a Indivison mk2cr to go into my Vamped A1200 and it seems while it works fine without the vampire, as soon as I am running Coffin and the SAGA driver loads I can no longer see any display on the Indivison output... by this I mean Load a game via WHDLoad and switch my display over the indivison to recieve no picture, in fact the monitor then shuts off due to no signal. Is this a know problem? can anybody help?

Jakub H.

Posts 39
12 Oct 2021 10:03



James Husted
(Needs Verification)
Posts 81/ 3
12 Oct 2021 16:55

thats no the problem tool is already patched and detecting the device - its almost as if vampire card driver is blocking it... I can get it to work if I change displaychain tool type but then after power down the mouse cusror is stuck in the top left of the screen and I have to use the early startup an boot with no startup sequence to get back in and change the tooltype back. Please can somebody help I have been trying to figure this out since 10am

Maurizio Tirone

Posts 54
13 Oct 2021 09:45

Did you set up INDVISION before using it through its tool?
For example I configured it in a perfect PAL 50hz to be able to play old titles and Demos, while everything else comes out of the V1200 rtg.

Walter Smolders

Posts 4
13 Oct 2021 16:21

You can try the following, it worked for me to get whdload working with the mk2 in my A1200 with a V1200.

In the WHDload_startup script, put the following line:
C:SetEnv Picasso96/AmigaVideo 15kHz

In the WHDload-Cleanup script put the following line in comment (put a ; at the beginnig of the line)
C:SetEnv Picasso96/AmigaVideo 31kHz

Manuel Gregorio

Posts 1
13 Oct 2021 23:04

Good evening
I also have the INDIAGA MK2cr and I have the same problem, there is no way to make it work, about the 2 lines to modify, the lines are already included in the 2 scripts and it does not work either, I have been trying for a week, I am a little disappointed.

Taras Shevchenko

Posts 8
14 Oct 2021 16:51

Hello Amigo, it should work fine. It is settable through the one of the tools in PICASSO folder. You need to change the amiga output from 31 to 15. And it works. I was not inserting any lines manually to startup, and it works fine for me. (Coffin 58, INDIVISION AGA MK2)

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