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V4SA Workbench Display Problem. Monitor Issue Or A

Mark Phillips

Posts 4
03 Oct 2021 19:05


I am having problems getting my V4SA to work with several flat screen monitors. On a few monitors the screen is blank on the ones that work the left and right sides of the Workbench desktop screen "over hang". I can adjust the horizontal position in he monitor settings but that will only move the display left and right. To be able to work with the V4SA I have to adjust horizontal settings the the left which makes to right side not display.

Is this a software setting in the ApolloOS or is it a monitor compatibility issue? On the monitors that work, I have tried every display setting available in Screen Mode with no luck.

To me this seems to be a OS setting somewhere.

The monitor that will display is a Dell U2410, but the horizontal over hang cannot be adjusted out it.

I have read the Dell P1917S works but did not want to purchase one if it will not fix my Workbench desktop "over hang" problem.

Not sure which core and version of AlpolloOS I am running but I took deliver of the V4SA in Jan 2021 and have made no changes to either.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Christopher Stokes

Posts 28
03 Oct 2021 20:27

Hi Mark,

I suggest you join the Apollo Team's Discord for help. The Core and version of Apollo OS have been updated many times since January and available for download. Many monitors work. I have a View Sonic and it works with no issues.


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