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V4 Refuses Sd/Ide Adapter

Peter de Clerck

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06 Sep 2021 08:13

Hi there,

I bought a v4. I want to install coffin r59 on a 128 gb SD card, put the sd card in a cf adapter and play it on the v4.
Problem is that the V4 doesn't load the sd card in the ide adapter, I've tried a 4gb,8gb,32gb and the 128gb SD card.

I've tried a 4gb cf card from my a1200, the v4 loads it, when I copy the software on sd and put it in the adapter, it doesn't work on the v4,on my a1200 perfect. The delivered 128gb cf card also works.

It is a sd_xc type I adapter. The adapter works fine on my a1200 with a 4,8 or 32 gb SD card,but the v4 refuses to read it, when I boot up, the green light stays on and nothing happens.

Someone an idea?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
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06 Sep 2021 08:23

Hi Peter,
These topics are easier to explain in real time, are you in our Discord support channel?
Making a chain of devices like e.g. several adapters can cause timing problems. Its a know fact that the Aros Rom is little unforgiving to devices not answering quickly and hard with timeouts and will give these devices not many chances. We did improve this device recognition of the Aros rom with some fixes which allows it to run better with more devices in the last releases. Which Core version are you using?
Things you can do:
a) You can update to the latest version.
b) review the combination of adapters. Maybe the problem can be removed by using a different adapter combination
c) Use old 3.1 Kick. Using real Kick 3.x will make a lot sense if you want to use Coffin as you said. If you use real Kick 3.x (like in the V1200 ROM) then this is more forgiving with Devices that have timeouts.

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