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DosBox On V1200

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 582
18 Jul 2021 11:41

I did a short video on Dosbox running on my v1200.

Dosbox is damn slow on 68k but can be useful for running some old strategy pc-games.


Lord A1k

Posts 52
18 Jul 2021 22:05

Hi i have interest in four old Games to run on Amiga Dosbox:
  Battle isle 2
  Tie Fighter
Eye of the Beholder 3
  can  this Games run?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5474
18 Jul 2021 23:05

Are some of these games available for MAC OS?

In my experience the MAC version of such games runs always good.

Artur Jarosik

Posts 87
19 Jul 2021 08:25

Eye of the Beholder 3 works on ScummVM 2.2.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 640
20 Jul 2021 15:50

! ! ! ! ! POOL OF RADIANCE ! ! ! ! !

(You can't see me right now, but I'm excessively drooling all over my computer.... Might get electrocuted!)

And there's a WHOLE WHACK MORE of SSI games and other RPGs that I want to play,... BADLY!!!

Thierry Atheist

Posts 640
20 Jul 2021 16:14

Hi Stefano Briccolani!!!!

Just finished watching your video.....

Awesome... JUST AWESOME.... Never seen that before, "Unlimited Adventures: Fantasy Construction Kit".

I was working on an "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" (1st ed.) video game that was going to FAR SURPASS "Pool of Radiance".... Was coding it in AMOS Professional. It got to 435K before I.... cough, cough.... Stopped working on it. :-(((

The code is on a floppy disk and my Amiga 2000 hasn't been turned on for about 18 years. I am assuming that I had better not turn it on unless all the capacitors are replaced. Including the ones in the power supply.

I may just have to start over from scratch on the Vampire 4 standalone.

P.S. Played "Demon's Winter" to death and finished "Sword of Aragon" on my A2000 3 times. Never got a very good end score. About 130 or so. Might have got just above 200 on one of the runs. Both were very fun to play, even though "Sword of Aragon" had pretty minimalist graphics. Finished "Pool of Radiance" about 5 times, but I think there was some stuff in the wilderness that I didn't do.

Lord A1k

Posts 52
20 Jul 2021 20:19

Hi Artur,
  have follow:
  Gog Version - is not recognized
  CD Trilogy - is not recognized
  Any Ideas? Seperat Test: Run not on Mac or Win ScummVM

Lord A1k

Posts 52
20 Jul 2021 20:29

only Tie Fighter i mean.

The Fugger 2 / Battle Isle 2 is a Dos Game

Lord A1k

Posts 52
01 Sep 2021 21:57

After many hours, "Die Fugger 2 " now running on Dosbox, but a little Slow , Sounds are Stuttering but it works.
Have now run follow Games on V1200 and V4:
Dune 2
Battle Isle 2
Wing Commander 2
X-COM (UFO) 1-3
Die Fugger 2
Doom Ultimate
Tie Fighter

All Games have the same problem, its to Slow unplayable. Sound ist stuttering and mouse clicks are slow. I think 25-30% more Performance and the most Games are runnig playable. I have talk with Gunnar today, there is room for improve the Speed. But who can made this, i am not a coder.

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