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SD Card

Erik Roy

Posts 19
12 Jun 2021 20:10

I cant mount the sd card under ApolloOS on my new v4, when i chance to coffin it worked without any problems, is there a fix for Apollo os.

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 115
14 Jun 2021 15:50

Issue: SD-Card with FAT32 format not recognised / not writable in ApolloOS

Background: ApolloOS R6 is compatible with most “out-of-the-box” FAT32 formatted SD-Cards. There are however SD-Cards with a non compatible FAT32 partition scheme.
For these SD-Cards the following DESTRUCTIVE procedures are available;

Windows Instructions:
- Download Rufus 3.x disk tool and install it on your Windows 7 or 10 OS
- Select your SD-Card from the list and choose “non bootable” for boot selection
- Enter “SD0” as Volume Label and make sure FAT32 is selected
- Check “Quick format”, uncheck “Create extended label and icon files” and click “Start” to format SD-card
- Eject the SD-Card and insert it in Vampire to test and use for read and write

MacOS instructions:
- Insert SD-Card in USB-Reader, open Terminal application and type “diskutil list”
- Note the device number x of your SD-Card, it should be listed as /dev/diskx
- Type “diskutil partitiondisk /dev/diskx MBR FAT32 SD0 0” (warning: doublecheck for correct /dev/diskx)
- Eject the SD-Card and insert it in Vampire to test and use for read and write

Hope this can help you

NoXLar - DemoSceneLover

Posts 54
17 Oct 2021 01:37

wonderfull!!  was getting no where with my sd card,  but found you guide and followed it perfectly.. and worked flawlessly.. thanks alot.

Mark Phillips

Posts 4
17 Oct 2021 05:48

I am having the same issue with my SD cards. ApolloOS r7 will not read any card I try. I have followed the instructions above with no success. I am attempting to get the core UPDATE7_2.exe to the card to copy it to RAM disk and upgrade the core (per the instructions on the Vampire website.).
  I have attempted to use AWeb to directly download it to the V4SA but it always stops downloading at 3MB. Just stops.
  Why will ApolloOS not better support SD cards?  I am using SanDisk.  Which SD cards are known to be supported by ApolloOS.
  The SD card is the main way to get things on the V4SA, it is bad doing something as simple as reading and writing files to an SD is so difficult.
  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

NoXLar - DemoSceneLover

Posts 54
17 Oct 2021 14:29

First of all, i knew sd cards big as 32gb is pre-formated with NTFS, and for Amiga to be able to read and write it must be changed to compatible filesystem. Even though i knew how, i still wanted to follow guide for vampire. So used one of the recommended tools mention in Apollo wiki, i used Guiformat_X86_X64, that didn't work even it was formatted as fat32.
I even tried HDToolBox on vampire, it found it and everything seem to work, but somehow i couldn't save changes i made, but now i knew vampire could read sd card and was working.
That's when i found the clever guide by Willem D.  and followed it step by step, After you downloaded Rufus 3.x (rufus 2.x i already had didn't have format option)
There you will discover few settings you must disable to make it work like, need to be "non bootable" in the Boot selection menu.
Rename it as SD0, select Quick format and uncheck “Create extended label and icon files”
then it worked perfect for me

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