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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Core 3.0 for A500 V2+page  1 2 

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
10 Jun 2021 10:06

@Steve Knox: Team always stated everywhere to 'buy the Vampire cards for what they do NOW' . When you ordered your v2 on vampire-accelerator site (or from an amiga shop), on product description the features were clearly stated. You didn't see anything regarding 'more chip ram' - 'aga on a500' - 'audio/15khz video on digital out'. The statement 'buy the Vampire cards for what they do Now' was mandatory because while developing new features is almost impossible to preview exactly the fpga-space needed.

The fact that a core 3 alpha exists testify that the team tried hard to put together this solution, but ultimately faced fpga space constraints and proceeded on a bigger fpga.
I suggest you to enjoy the fastest and better featured a500 card on the market for what it is. Or try flash the alpha 3 core as Eric did.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5728
10 Jun 2021 13:10

Maybe it makes sense to explain something.

Adding more chipmemory is not possible easily.
Adding more chipmemory is only possible if _ALL_ Amiga chips are also implemented inside the Vampire card. But including all Amiga chips in Vampire card needs a lot space which we not have on V2 (we have it on V4). So this is not easily possible.

Please understand that its not that we not want to do this.

Antony Coello

Posts 135
10 Jun 2021 14:42

@Steve Knox: I get it. There were YT vids flying around of the team play testing AGA games on the V2. However, its one thing developing something and another thing successfully implementing it.
  I think the Apollo team gave it a good try and Im sure instead of wasting all that effort, they would rather had got it working.
  On that note, apart from the obvious missing features, the actual alpha3 core seems to work fairly well.
  I would tend to mirror what Eric Gus had to say. i.e. The core doesnt seem too far off the mark as is. 
  However, I believe the last of the FPGA space is being used to tweak a few things to be more inline with the V4. (Well, I hope so anyway. Gunnar said he would be adding the GFXMODE register in the next V2 core update, which should be coming soon hopefully). ;)

David Wright

Posts 373
10 Jun 2021 15:11

Eric's frustration rekindles some nostalgia for me. My first Amiga was one of the first, the 1000 or as we called it, the Amiga.

I stuck with that for a few years but the lack of chipram proved too much and I bought my brother's 500 which I always felt was inferior. There is a wall that can't be surmounted easily to get this 1000 to do what we want. Jens supposedly has on his wish list a chipram expander/workaround in the hopper but looks doubtful he will get around it.

My V2 works as well as I can hope. A500 board inside a Checkmate case with rgb to hdmi with switcher. All that and I hardly even use it :)

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