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PAL/NTSC Mode Centring HDMI to DVI.

David Suter

Posts 39
11 May 2021 16:49

Is there a way of centring PAL mode when using DIGITAL-VIDEO to DVI ?
My monitor allows me to adjust the position when using VGA (DIGITAL-VIDEO to VGA adapter ) but cant do it with DVI.
Apollo OS does not include overscan, is there another way of centring WHDload games and demos that use PAL or NTSC ?
I found the VGA option had noise and my monitor wouldn't keep the setting when centred.
I need to use the monitor I have as its IPS 4:3 and works with anything I through at it.
It also supports a lot of uncommon resolutions.
Any software utilities I can use to set the position like OVERSCAN ?
It isn't that important, I was just wondering.

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