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WHDLoad Compatibilitypage  1 2 

Chris T.

Posts 59
27 Jan 2017 21:30

Gold2 almost solve all problems...R-Type 2 is the only one I could find...but Lotus 1-3 and Jaguar XJ220 are working now - thank you.

Martin Soerensen

Posts 194
21 Feb 2017 13:02

I see a small issue with State Of The Art demo. In the first interference-pattern-dance scene right after the intro, there is some minor gfx corruption in the right side of the screen.
This is not isolated to the WHDLoad version though as it also happens if I run the demo from floppy (with caches disabled).
The music is also running way too fast and ends before the demos is finished.

Tested on V500+ with GOLD2.

Teemu Korvenpää

Posts 20
22 Feb 2017 13:37

i had issues with this on my ram expanded A1200 with CF HDD. with Whldoad State of the art runned too fast. I used NO VEC, NO CACHES etc options in icon and problem solved.

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