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V4BL + Amikit + Me? Changed Boot-order Etc..

Dj Up

Posts 37
03 Apr 2021 01:26

So I bought Amikit for vampire to play around while I got lots of time. I put the Amikit-file over to the SD-card and already had the zip-files of AOS32 present. I booted into the V4BL and choose Amikit and the checks started and it looked all fine,even got to the part where I had to wait 15 minutes. I even got the welcome screen of Amikit. After everything seem to be finish I rebooted, it was at this stage Amikit has taken boot-priority and is now asking me for a rom-file renamed to kick.rom. I find this very odd,as there was no mention of any of this during install. 

I am a newbie with all of this,but why would the V4BL change boot-order to now go straight to the Amikit (that not even works) and the only way for me to boot now is holding both mouse buttons while power on? As far as I know I am told to put kick.rom into a amikit-drive DH4: or something,but I am not sure how to access that drive. I did manage to make my way into Apollo OS and hoped that I could simply DH4: in shell, but then I`m prompted with a dialog box asking me to insert the drive..

I don`t know how to even get back the boot-menu because if I change boot-order it only works that one time into Apollo and if I try go to boot-menu from there it takes me back to the non working Amikit place..

So main question is: Do I now have to do the turbo-install over again and reflash the CF-card or is there a fix here somewhere?

A little notice to end here:
I was unsure if I had the correct kickstart for Amikit,but I remember it uses files from Amiga OS 3.1.4, so I just took a kick I knew worked with that and during install that seemed to work.

Since I had a folder with .adf files for AOS3.1.4 I actually had to make the .zip from those myself to prepare for the turbo-install. I was assuming that worked since there was no mention during install something was off.. What is the name of the kick that is within the AOS32-zip-file suppose to be?

And also.. I did the V4BL turbo-install and flash the other day, and today I simply tried adding files to the SD-card and run the installer for Amikit with the vampire and not in UAE.

It looked so promising for so long..

Thanks all for reading.

Dj Up

Posts 37
03 Apr 2021 03:59

A tiny update.

I actually manage to get into Coffin OS and it did see the Amikit (DH4:) and when I copy and rename a 46.143.rom to kick.rom it booted into Amikit and got up and running.

So in essence the solution was to get into Coffin, and I manage that from booting into Apollo and open V4BL there>coffin. First time I tried and it did not work was because I choose to boot into V4BL and that gave me the non working Amikit.

Michael Piano

Posts 39
05 Apr 2021 12:59

I am actually running through this process myself. In each folder, there is a document that tells you which files you needed.

Dj Up

Posts 37
06 Apr 2021 14:48

Michael Piano wrote:

I am actually running through this process myself. In each folder, there is a document that tells you which files you needed.

Yes,and those docs was helpful together with the very good turbo-guide. I guess I did most things correctly,but was`nt precise enough with the rom-file. For a Amiga-newling like myself it can be easy to mix up the rom-files.. It is a few out there.

But it went so smooth after getting into coffin and I could put in correct one.

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