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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire Standalone Legacy Connectors.

Chuck E.

Posts 6
14 Mar 2021 17:02

  I know that the USB ports on the Vampire V4 are currently dedicated to the keyboard and mouse type connections. Will there ever be drivers added to those ports so that we can use USB to serial and USB to parallel connections that would be seen by the system as standard parallel and serial ports? I have an old Miracle Piano system that I would like to be able to use with a Vampire and some software, that I believe I have mentioned in a previous post, that uses parallel or Serial dongles.
  I also have many discs with games and programs on them, and I have an original Amiga external drive. It would be nice if there were some sort of external connector for a real external Amiga drive.I guess so much of the software is available online nowadays it might be easier just to download it then for the team to try to add such a connector.
  I know the Apollo team has a lot to work on, but I'm just curious if anything like these helpful additions might be in the works or at least being thought about.
  I have the Vampire V2 version for the Amiga 600, but my Amiga 600 quit working about two days before I got V2 in the mail, so I haven't even got to try it out. I think it just needs to be re-capped though, but that's why I'm thinking about getting the vampire V4 Stand alone with some of my stimulus check So I won't have to worry about issues with these old motherboards.
  Chuck E.

Mister Cartoonmonkey

Posts 57
22 Mar 2021 19:19

+1,000,000,000 !

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